Will Packer Kids
Will Packer Kids Credit: Instagram

Will Packer Kids : Here is about Will Packer’s wife and his kids: their name, age, education, occupation, and more…..

Will Packer(Age 49 years) was born on April 11, 1974, in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States.

Packer is a famous and well-established American filmmaker and founder of Will Packer Productions and Will Packer Media. He gained immense growth and popularity in the entertainment industry.

He produced blockbuster films that grossed over $1 million worldwide at the box office.

According to the sources, the net worth of Will Packer is approximately 60 million US dollars.

His films like Ride Along 2, No Good Deed, Think Like a Man Too, Ride Along, Think Like a Man, Takers, Obsessed, and Stomp the Yard grossed at number one at the box office.

With the great achievement in his works, he was featured several times on the cover of high-profile magazines.

Packer works with Universal Studios and Universal Television and is also an Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences member.

Will Packer Relationships

Will Packer had been married twice. Firstly, In 2001, he married Nina Packer, the general manager of Bryant Management and Director Of Operations for Blueprint Group, with whom he shares two Children: Nija Packer and Maya Packer.

In February 2009, Will Packer and Nina Packer got separated through divorce.

Will Packer’s second and current wife is Heather Hayslett. The Couple tied the knot in 2015 in Atlanta. Heather has a son named Zion from her prior relationship.

The couple first met at the Essence Festival in 2009 and started to create a bond with each other. Later 2013, two years before their marriage, Will romantically proposed to Heather.

Will Packer Kids

Will Packer Kids
Will Packer Kids Credit: Atlanta

Will Packer is the proud Dad of 4 Children: Nija Packer, Maya Packer, Dominique Packer, and Zion.

All the Children live lavishly because of their popular and well-established father.

Dominique Packer

Dominique Packer
Dominique Packer Credit: Getty Images

Dominique Packer is Will Packer’s eldest son. Dominique’s biological mother is not publicly revealed. He is currently 29 years old. Dominique Packer studied at Harvard University.

He handles his Instagram account, where he posts pictures about his life.

Nija Packer

Nija Packer
Nija Packer Credit: Instagram

Nija Packer is the eldest daughter of Will and his first wife, Nina Packer. She graduated from Harvard University. Nija is currently 23 years old.

Nija spent her life privately and out of the spotlight. However, she handles an Instagram account where she posts pictures about her life.

Maya Packer

Maya Packer
Maya Packer Credit: Instagram

Maya Packer is 19 years old and the second daughter of Will and his first wife, Nina Packer.

She is pursuing her degree in communication pursuing a degree in Communications from the University of California. And also serves as a co-editor of the Black.

According to her LinkedIn Account, She spends her spare time in Writing. She is also passionate about learning and excited to gain vast experience in the media, communications, and entertainment.

Zion Packer

Zion with his parents and step-sisters.
Zion with his parents and step-sisters. Credit: Atlanta

Zion Packer is Heather Hayslett’s son and Will Packer’s stepson. He is 21 years old.

We don’t get further information about Will Packer Kids as they all live private lives and remain out of the spotlight. They are rarely spotted with their parents.

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