Wesley Sneijder's Kids
Wesley Sneijder's Kids

Wesley Sneijder is a Dutch retired professional footballer and was considered one of the best midfielders in the world during his peak. Wesley Sneijder played as a midfielder for Qatar Stars League club Al-Gharafa and is a former Netherlands national team player.

Wesley Sneijder’s Kids

Wesley Sneijder has 134 caps and is known as the most-capped Dutch player of all time. Wesley announced his international retirement in March 2018 and he was granted a farewell match played against Peru on 6 September 2018.

How many kids does Wesley Sneijder have?

Wesley Sneijder is a father of two children. Wesley was married to Ramona Streekstra from 2005 to 2009 and they share one son Jessey Sneijder and then Wesley was married to Dutch-Spanish actress and presenter Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen in July 2010 but the couple is no longer together and they also share a son together.

The older son of Wesley is following in his footstep and Jessey Sneijder is also becoming a budding football player and he has started making a name for himself. The young boy is inspired by his father’s football career and also signed his first professional career with Dutch club FC Utrecht.

Wesley Sneijder’s Kids

As Wesley is retired now he is focusing on his kids and giving them all his time and Wesley is a single dad to both his sons.

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Wesley Sneijder’s SpousesWesley Sneijder’s kids
Ramona Streekstra (2005 – 2009)​Jessey Sneijder
Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen (2010 – 2019)Xess Xava Sneijder
Wesley Sneijder’s Kids

Here is everything to know about Wesley Sneijder’s Kids

Wesley is a proud father of 2 sons who are grown up and following their father’s footsteps. Wesley’s older son Jessey Sneijder is a passionate young boy and wanted to become like his father.

The young boy Jessey Sneijder is inspired by his father’s football career and started his first professional career with the Dutch club FC Utrecht. Jessey Sneijder also practices with his dad on the field and Jessey regularly posts on his Instagram.

Jessey Sneijder

Jessey Sneijder was Born on 4 September 2006 and son of Wesley Sneijder and Ramona Streekstra.

Jessey Sneijder is close to both his parents even though they are separated and follows his father’s passion for football. Jessey posts regularly on his Instagram and also posts pictures with his mother.

Jessey Sneijder has joined the Dutch club FC Utrecht and regularly updates the fans about his practice on his Instagram and some time price with his dad.

Xess Xava Sneijder

Xess Xava Sneijder was Born in 2015 and son of Wesley Sneijder and Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen.

Xess Xava Sneijder is just a little child who is currently enjoying all the love his father could offer and Wesley Sneijder regularly post pictures of his wife and little baby on his Instagram.

Wesley Sneijder wrote in one of his Instagram posts for his wife and son, “Happy Valentine’s to the person I love the most in life @yolanthecabau you make me the happiest man alive. You always make sure I’m okay. I put you through a lot of things and still, you always take care of me with so much love and devotion. If people would only know 10% of how amazing you are. And I’m not even talking about your beauty.”

“Your heart and soul, the way you do things especially how you think and the way you care for people and our world, the way you choose everybody before yourself blows my mind every day again. You are from a different world and I’m so grateful God chose you to be my wife. Whatever happens in my life I know you will catch me.”

“You are my world my everything. Thank you for always being there for me, and for guiding me to be the best man I can be. Thank you for being the sweetest mother I’ve ever seen. How creative and funny and full of love you raise our sons. that makes me so proud. You make me proud! I love you sweetest woman I know.”

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