Victoria Gotti's Kids
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Victoria Gotti is an American writer and television personality. Victoria is the daughter of the Gambino crime family Mafia boss John Gotti and his wife Victoria DiGiorgio.

Victoria Gotti’s Kids Credit: IMDb

An American reality television series “Growing Up Gotti” aired on A&E featured the life of Victoria Gotti, daughter of Mafia boss John Gotti, and her three sons; Frank Gotti Agnello, John Gotti Agnello Jr., and Carmine Gotti Agnello.

How many kids does Victoria Gotti have?

Victoria Gotti is the mother of three children. In 1984, she married Carmine Agnello. Agnello married Victoria despite her parents’ disapproval and the couple share three sons, Carmine, John, and Frank.

Victoria’s family lived in a mansion in Old Westbury, New York which was the location where the filming of the 2004 reality television series, Growing Up Gotti took place.

Victoria Gotti’s Kids Credit: Page Six

If you think being the daughter of a made mafia of New York City’s Gambino crime family meant Victoria was living like royalty, well, let Victoria herself make it clear to you in her show.

As she explains in the film, her father John wasn’t present when her mother gave her birth and when he did show up at the hospital, Gotti explained “I’ve told this story a million times, about how my father stole me from the hospital since they didn’t have money to pay the bill. It sets my father up as a noble criminal, a Robin Hood. I often joke that stealing me from the hospital was the most lucrative heist of Dad’s life, but looking back on all of it, all I can think of is, ‘Kid, you were royally screwed.'”

When you follow any celebrity you want to about their kids and what are they doing. If you are one of those who love to discover your favorite celebrity kids? This is the right place for you to check out various celebrity kids. In the below article, we will see all of Victoria Gotti’s Kids.

Victoria Gotti’s spouseVictoria Gotti’s Kids
 Carmine Agnello (1984-2003)Carmine Gotti Agnello Jr.
John Gotti Agnello
Frank Gotti Agnello
Victoria Gotti’s Kids

Here is everything to know about Victoria Gotti’s kids

Victoria Gotti shared 3 kids with Carmine. Victoria shared her whole life in her show and how she deal with being a mafia daughter and how she married the man she love against her dad’s approval.

Here is everything to know about Victoria Gotti’s kids

When Carmine Agnello entered her life Victoria’s desire to lead a normal life with him made him an ideal love interest and he wasn’t afraid of her father. And Victoria’s father was also against him marrying his daughter.

“Why was he so against it? “I remember looking at my father dead on and saying, ‘Dad, I don’t know why you’re so—what is it about you that you’re so against him? He so reminds me of you,'” Victoria shared. “And I thought that was a compliment. Wow. My father just blew up.” she added.

But things don’t go as Victoria imagined and her disastrous honeymoon in Las Vegas was the start of it. “I was understandably a little nervous because I had never slept away from my parents’ house before and Carmine gambling away $30,000 on the first night and losing his temper when chastised about it certainly didn’t help matters,” she said.

“What I didn’t know was Carmine suffered from manic depression,” she revealed. “I knew before our honeymoon that being married to Carmine wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, but I was determined to prove Daddy wrong. I was a stubborn woman. My father’s daughter.” she added

The honeymoon behavior was enough for her to make a conclusion until she got to know she was pregnant and had a congenital heart defect which can make the pregnancy high-risk. “That night, I honestly was going to tell my father that he was right about Carmine, but the idea of divorce went right out the window with the news of a baby on the way,” she explained.

In 1985, tragedy struck Victoria when baby Justine her firstborn arrived stillborn. “You know, when you bury a child, a daughter, it’s so hard. It’s just so hard. You don’t understand why you’ve grown this child and then you go home with no prize,” she said.

“You don’t know what went wrong because it happened so quickly. You adjust to it. You never forget it. Every May, I celebrate her birthday. You always think God has this plan…Everybody’s always under the guise that, you know, time heals all wounds.” she added.

Carmine was there for Gotti and they spend some time away by the time they returned, she was pregnant again and they built her family, son after son Carmine Jr. was born in 1986, followed by John in 1987, and Frank in 1990. Let’s see in Detail about all her sons.

Carmine Gotti Agnello Jr.

Carmine Jr. was born on 8 April 1986.

Carmine Gotti Agnello Jr. is Victoria Gotti’s oldest son and he was named after his father, “reputed mobster” Carmine Agnello. Carmine decided to try his hand at singing after the family shows Growing Up Gotti wrapped.

But Carmine dropped that idea and then after that has mostly been out of the spotlight, and, according to In Touch Weekly, he works with his brothers at the auto parts store.

According to Newsday, Agnello, now in his thirties, was also arrested and charged in criminal court in 2018 for the crime of operating an automotive scrap and recycling yard in Queens, N.Y. without a license.

Victoria Gotti’s kids

Victoria regularly posts her kids on her social media and wishes them happy birthdays. Victoria posted a picture of Carmine all grown up and captioned it “Happy birthday Carmine. I love you. Mom♥️♥️”

John Gotti Agnello

John was born on 5 May 1987.

John Gotti Agnello is the middle of Victoria’s three sons, John has been married to his long-time girlfriend Alina Sanchez in September 2015 and the wedding party thrown was described by Page Six as “straight out of The Godfather.” 

John’s wedding was attended by many which included John Travolta, actress Debi Mazar, and Entourage star Kevin Connolly and guests were required to shell out a minimum of $5,000 as a gift, according to Us Weekly.

The couple reportedly spent $2.5 million on their big day. Agnello’s wife gave birth to their son whom they also named John at the end of 2016.

Victoria regularly posts her kids on her social media and wishes them happy birthdays. Victoria posted a picture of John from his wedding and captioned it “Happy birthday son. John, I love you. I am so proud of you….♥️♥️♥️♥️”

Frank Gotti Agnello

Frank was born on 12 April 1990.

Frank Gotti Agnello is the youngest of Victoria Gotti and was part of the family show Growing Up Gotti though he refused to take part in a 10-year reunion special.

After the show “Growing Up Gotti” wrapped, Frank published his first book entitled Gotti Diet: How I Took Control of My Body, Lost 80 Pounds, and Discovered How to Stay Fit Forever, purported to be “the program that turned the Fatty Gotti into the Hottie Gotti.”

According to In Touch Weekly from April 2017, Frank works at the family’s auto parts shop in Queens, N.Y. Frank also has a girlfriend named Savanna Simonetti.

Victoria regularly posts her kids on her social media and wishes them happy birthdays. Victoria posted a picture of Frank and herself and captioned it “Happy birthday baby boy!!….. I love you more than anyone will in your entire life!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️”

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