Tony Bellew Kids
Tony Bellew Kids Credit: The Mirror

Tony Bellew Kids: If you are a boxing lover, you are in the right place. If you love to explore your favorite boxer life, you are in the right place. Here, we will explore the family of a famous boxer, Tony Bellew, and his kids.

Boxing is a game of champions, and a boxer is not only the champion; his whole family, including his parents, wife, siblings, and kids, are also champions. So, talking about Tony’s family, It would be good to get acquainted with his life once.

Who is Tony Bellew?

Tony Bellew‘s full name is Anthony Lewis Bellew. Born on 30 November 1982 in  Liverpool, United Kingdom. He completed his senior schooling at Childwall Comprehensive.

For boxing, he was always passionate and determined. In 2002 and 2003, he played at Liverpool’s famous Rotunda ABC and defeated all his opponents.

In 2007, as a professional, he served in heavy weight lifting with a record of 12-0 by the end of 2009.

Tony Bellew Kids

In 2010, he won the Commonwealth Games. In his whole boxing career, he won a total of 30 matches out of 34. It is really a significant achievement.

In 2018, at the age of 36, one of the most successful boxers, Tony Bellew, got retirement. In his retirement speech, he said, “From the negative naysayers to the fans, today I am announcing I’m officially retired.”

The boxer continues, “There will be no more fights from me. The only thing you’ll see me doing from here on in is trying to act sensible and behave myself. I’ve had a fantastic career. I’ve realized my dream. Thank you first and foremost for all the supporters.”

He posted on his Twitter account:

Tony Bellew Kids

After his retirement, the boxer made his screen debut in 2015 with the movie “Creed.” Now he has appeared as a contestant in the show named “I’m a Celebrity.”

Tony Bellew Wife

Tony married his childhood love, Rachael Roberts, and they have been together for over 20 years; they have loved each other since their teenage.

The couple officially tied the knot in 2017. Their love story is like a romantic movie; once in a fight, Tony said to his opponent, “I’m more frightened of my missus than you. I wouldn’t f***ing dare cross her. I wouldn’t mess with her.”

Tony Bellew Kids

“I will say one thing: I fear no man. I don’t give a f*** about any man on this planet. I would fight any man. I’ll tell you what, though: I don’t go home to her with a penny short.

“She’s my most brutal fight. I said this [fight] would be my last one… That’s a real fight, persuading her if I can carry on.”

According to the reports, Rachael rejected Tony about three times, but ultimately, she fell in love with him and decided to spend their lives together. It’s all about his wife. Let’s meet Tony Bellew Kids.

How Many Kids Did The Tony Bellew Have?

With his wife, Rachael Bellew, he had four sons: Corey, Cobey, Carter, and Carson. Some of the sources said they had four children, and the couple was very concerned about their kids and did not want to appear them in front of the limelight.

Tony Bellew Kids

Meet Tony Bellew Kids

There is no exciting information about his kids, not even their date of birth; look what we have.

Corey Bellew

According to reports, Tony’s elder son Corey Bellew started his first year at the University.

1 18

Name: Corey Bellew

DOB: Not Revealed

Parents: Tony Bellew and Rachael Roberts

Cobey Bellew

Cobey is younger than Corey, always spotted with his parents ocassionally.

2 18

Name: Cobey Bellew

DOB: Not Revealed

Parents: Tony Bellew and Rachael Roberts

Carter Bellew

Carter is the youngest sibling of Corey and Corbey.

3 10

Name: Carter Bellew

DOB: Not Revealed

Parents: Tony Bellew and Rachael Roberts

Carson Bellew

Tony Bellew Kids

Name: Carson Bellew

DOB: Not Revealed

Parents: Tony Bellew and Rachael Roberts

Recently, an interview was conducted on December 2, 2023. The mum-of-four commented on her husband’s brave challenge in Saturday night’s episode, which saw him portraying himself in a mockup.

She told The Mirror: ‘We’ve never watched any shows he’s done, but we’re watching this. And the trials… I love watching him suffer!’

She added: “We’ve never watched any shows he’s done, but we’re watching this. And the trials… I love watching him suffer! The eldest two are voting – they voted for him to do the drinking trial. I was shocked at how well he did in that. He’s a very fussy eater and can’t take texture. It drives me insane. At least he now can’t say anything about me eating coleslaw because he’s drunk a blended bull’s penis.”


I hope you enjoy the article; Tony and his wife Rachel are not concerned about revealing the details about their kids, whatever their choice, but stay tuned for more updates.

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