Tom Brady's Defensive Strategy: Why His Kids' Sports Careers Remain on the Sidelines
Tom Brady's Defensive Strategy: Why His Kids' Sports Careers Remain on the Sidelines

Tom Brady is as good a player but his kids are on the sidelines when it comes to sports. Tom’s kids had a good defense for Jack, Benjamin, and Vivian.

In an interview with E! News NFL star shared he had many expectations with his kids, He told, “In a way, it’s very challenging for our kids to be involved with sports because there are a lot of expectations that come with that based on their parents’,”

American footballer also talked about a partnership with Hertz, He said, “I want them to grow up as their own unique individuals, with their own unique traits that they’re going to contribute to the world in the way they see fit and certainly not how their mom or dad see it.”

Tom Brady Kids

Tom talks about kid’s field

NFL star reveals his kids will have some great opportunities but he doesn’t know whether it will be in a sports field or not. The father said, “DNA is an amazing thing that you pass on and that you see in them,”

“I think our kids will have some great opportunities based on their unique abilities but I don’t know if sports will be that.” He continued.

But the protective father will teach the game of life to her kids, Tom says “Being a father is a great responsibility, seeing these amazing little beings coming into your life and have the opportunity to grow with them,”

“I’ve got three very beautiful kids that challenge me on all my different things and all different ages and likes and dislikes. They are very loving to one another.”

Mom Gisele and Tom Brady reveal they will teach their kids some valuable lessons, He said, “I’m trying to raise them—myself and their mom—are raising them to be very kind and empathetic and to have great perspective,”

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“Our kids are growing up in different ways than we grew up but we want to raise them with great values.” Former footballer added,

Brady also reveals he lives every movement of his life he doesn’t take everything for granted, Tom Brady said, “The individual moments you share with the kids, intimate moments you have with them one on one, they bring so much to my life.

“and add so much joy and energy and life and intensity and maturity and I just want to be there to support them the best way I can.” NFL player continued.

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