Some Red Carpet Moments: Celebrities Bring Their Cute Kids as Dates
Some Red Carpet Moments: Celebrities Bring Their Cute Kids as Dates

Being a parent is the most joyful feeling and making your kids feel special is even better. As a parent, you feel your kids are the most adorable ones and you can’t wait to show off their adorableness to the world.

Here are some of our favorite celebrity parents who bought their kids with them and showed their adorableness red carpet.

Beyoncé and her daughter

Beyoncé brought her daughter named Blue Ivy whom she share with her husband Jay-Z to the 2019 premiere of The Lion King.

Machine Gun Kelly and his daughter

Machine Gun Kelly brought his daughter named Casie Colson Baker whom he share with Emma Cannon to the 2021 American Music Awards.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively and their daughters

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively brought their two adorable daughters, James and Ines, to Reynolds’ 2016 Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

Salma Hayek brought and daughter

Salma Hayek brought her daughter named Valentina who she share with  François-Henri Pinault to the 2021 premiere of Eternals.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick and their son

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick brought their son named James Wilkie, to the 2022 premiere of And Just Like That.

James Marsden and his son

James Marsden brought his son named Jack whom he share with Lisa Linde to the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Kylie Jenner and her daughter

Kylie Jenner brought her daughter named Stormi whom she share with Travis Scott to the 2022 Billboard Music Awards:

Britney Spears and her sons

Britney Spears brought her two cute sons named Sean and Jayden Federline whom she share with Kevin Federline to the 2013 premiere of Smurfs 2.

Ben Stiller and his daughter

Ben Stiller brought his daughter named Ella Olivia whom he share with Christine Taylor to the 2019 Golden Globe Awards.

Seal and his daughter

Seal brought his daughter named Leni whom he share with Heidi Klum to the 2021 premiere of The Harder They Fall.

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