Rob Lowe's Kids
Rob Lowe's Kids

Rob Lowe‘s full name is Robert Hepler Lowe is an American actor, filmmaker, and podcast host. Rob Lowe has a massively successful career in Hollywood, starting off with ABC’s short-lived sitcom A New Kind of Family at the age of 15.

Rob Lowe’s Kids

Rob Lowe had his career breakthrough as Sam Seaborn on the NBC political drama, The West Wing and he was even nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards.

How many kids does Rob Lowe have?

Rob Lowe is a father of two children. Lowe married makeup artist Sheryl Berkoff in 1991 and they both met on a blind date in 1983 then again they both met on the set of Lowe’s movie Bad Influence. Rob Lowe shares his 2 children with Sheryl.

Lowe and Berkoff welcomed their first son after two years of marriage, Matthew followed by their second son, John Owen who was born in 1995. Rob’s children are grown up now and even following their dad’s footsteps.

Rob Lowe’s Kids

Lowe told PEOPLE in 2022 about his journey from becoming a scandalous teenager to a family man “I’m happy I lived the life that I lived because I have no regrets, but I was super ready to coach Little League, carve pumpkins on Halloween, read books, and serve hot lunch on Wednesdays, I really, really loved every minute of it.

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Rob Lowe’s SpousesRob Lowe’s kids
Sheryl Berkoff (1991 – present)​John Owen Lowe
Matthew Edward Lowe
Rob Lowe’s Kids

Here is everything to know about Rob Lowe’s Kids

Rob is a proud father of 2 sons who are grown up and following their father’s footsteps. Rob’s younger son John Owen Lowe even starred in an American workplace comedy Netflix series “Unstable” along with his dad and fan really liked the duo of father-son.

Rob opened up about how the trolling led to the Netflix series during an April 2023 interview on The View. “The only thing that a parent has ever liked their kids doing on social media clearly happened to me. He trolled me, and it became a TV series. He would make fun of me. People liked it. I liked it, and he came to me and said, ‘Dad, I wonder if there’s a show here.’”

“Over a few months, he tried to figure it out, and this is what we’ve come up with, and it’s been super fun,” he added about the experience he had with his son during filming the series.

Back in 2018, Rob also talked about being a father “Raising those guys has been my favorite thing I’ve ever done, They’re just great kids. Sheryl and I were both lucky that we had the wherewithal to spend a lot of time with them and be really involved and it’s paid off.” he told Today.

John Owen Lowe

John Owen Lowe is an American writer, producer, and actor who was born on Nov. 6, 1995.

John Owen Lowe is the younger son of Rob and Sheryl and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology, and Society from Stanford University in 2018.

Before even he graduated John started his acting career, as an actor, he was seen in the comedy series The Grinder, The Lowe Files, a Christmas film Holiday in the Wild in 2019, and as a writer he worked for multiple episodes of 9-1-1: Lone Star.

John Owen told PEOPLE about his role model “When you consider what he went through in his 20s, his meteoric rise and some turbulence, and being in the public eye for decades. To come out a family man, a really, really good father, a really, really strong husband, and just a fun, kind guy to be around, that’s the day-to-day example he sets.”

Lowe then appeared in the Netflix comedy series Unstable along with his dad for which he was also an executive producer. The script of the series was inspired by both father and son relationships on social media.

Lowe told The New York Times “The proximity to my dad was driving me insane, the idea of never escaping his shadow. I had a weekly phone call with my manager and agent where they basically served as de facto therapists.”

“I would say, “I’m going crazy. I’ll never separate from him. Is this my destiny?” They would laugh at my pain, but I thought to myself, maybe there’s something interesting here, like, this might be a show. Then we got Victor Fresco involved, who really helped us structure it.” he added.

“Your parents, no matter who they are, always just bug you. Always. Even when you’re an adult. Your relationship changes as you get older and your parents become more like your friends but they still bug you. As they should.” John Owen told Men’s Health in March 2023.

Lowe added “Neither one of us could have made this show without the other. I couldn’t have gone off and said, ‘Hey, I wanna do a father-son show without John Owen.’ “

Matthew Edward Lowe

Matthew Edward Lowe is vice president of business development at Miroma Ventures and was born on Sept. 24, 1993.

Matthew Edward Lowe is the older son of Rob and Shery and at the time of birth of their first son Lowe and Berkoff decided to move their family two hours north of Los Angeles.

“You have to be willing to make some sacrifices, I moved my kids out of Los Angeles, immediately. I’ve lived in Santa Barbara for 20 years almost. I’ve had my picture taken there three times. Not everybody is in show business where my kids grew up and they see that the world is so much bigger than that.” Rob said about moving.

Matthew completed his studies at Duke University and his law degree from Loyola Marymount Law School in Los Angeles in 2019. Currently, according to his LinkedIn profile, he’s vice president of business development at Miroma Ventures, a venture capital firm, and also the founder of LH Capital.

“[Whether it’s] me going off to college, or to law school, he’s always the cheerleader, He’s the first one to do absolutely anything to help you succeed,” Mathew told People.

Matthew Lowe also wrote on his Instagram about his dad on fathers Day “inspires (him) to be a better man.” and also wrote, “Truly an expert on all things and one of my best friends, I love you.

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