Philip Rivers Kids
Philip Rivers Kids

Philip Rivers Kids: Here, we learn more about Philip Rivers kids. Let us just briefly glimpse Philip Rivers’s life, career, and wife.

Who Is Philip Rivers?

Philip Rivers, whose real name is Philip Michael Rivers, is an American football quarterback; he has played in national football leagues about 17 times.

Born on 8 December 1981 in the United States, Philip first played in the league in 2004, and in January 2021, he retired.

Philip Rivers’s Wife And Kids

In 2001, he married Tiffany Rivers, who has been the love of his life since school. The couple shares ten children:  Halle, Caroline, Grace, Gunner, Sarah, Peter, Rebecca, Clare, Anna and Andrew.

In an interview, Philip describes parenting, saying, “I think it’s a challenge, and I’m by no means perfect at it, nor is anybody, but I think I would always tell other dads to try to be present. Just try to be there.”

The football quarterback continues, ” I think from a dad’s standpoint, children want our time. Sometimes, it might just be five minutes, and sometimes, it can be a lot more, but I think they want our time and to be engaged with them and present.”

Meet Philip Rivers Kids

You previously know Philip had ten kids but meet all his kids one-on-one.

Halle Rivers

Halle Rivers is the first child of Philip and Tiffany; they welcomed their daughter in 2002. In an interview, she said about his dad, “He’s so selfless. He’s an NFL quarterback doing a million different things every day.”

She continues, “But he comes home every day and wants to be with us. He’ll be with us if he has one extra minute to do something else.”

1 13

Name: Halle Rivers

DOB: July 6, 2002

Parents: Philip Rivers and Tiffany Rivers

Caroline Rivers

She is younger than Halle, born in 2005; she used to play both tennis and basketball.

2 13

Name: Caroline Rivers

DOB: 2005

Parents: Philip Rivers and Tiffany Rivers

Grace Rivers

Grace is the third child of her parents; she earned the nickname “Combo.” Philip said about his daughter, “She goes with the flow,” he said of his daughter, noting that she’s comfortable no matter what she’s doing.”

“Whether she’s playing sports in the yard, shopping with her sisters, or staying up late with her dad to watch a game. Grace, to me, is so versatile.”

3 7

Name: Grace Rivers

DOB: 2006

Parents: Philip Rivers and Tiffany Rivers

Gunner Rivers

Gunner is the first boy child of his parents, born in 2008. At the age of 5, he suffers from type 1 diabetes. Philip, for his son, said, “What we’ve learned through our experience is that these kids are warriors.”

“We have seen firsthand the tremendous responsibility it is for these children to have the discipline to manage the disease with the support of family and their health providers to live their best lives.”

4 6

Name: Gunner Rivers

DOB: 2008

Parents: Philip Rivers and Tiffany Rivers

Sarah Rivers

Sarah is the fourth daughter child of the couple; in an interview, Philip mentions that Sarah loves to talk.

5 3

Name: Sarah Rivers

DOB: 2010

Parents: Philip Rivers and Tiffany Rivers

Peter Rivers

According to Philip, Peter’s hobbies include baseball, golf, hunting, and fishing.

6 4

Name: Peter Rivers

DOB: 2011

Parents: Philip Rivers and Tiffany Rivers

Rebecca Rivers

7 3

Name: Rebecca Rivers

DOB: Oct. 28, 2013

Parents: Philip Rivers and Tiffany Rivers

Clare Rivers

8 2

Name: Clare Rivers

DOB: Oct. 28, 2015

Parents: Philip Rivers and Tiffany Rivers

Anna Rivers

1 14

Name: Anna Rivers

DOB: March 26, 2019

Parents: Philip Rivers and Tiffany Rivers

Andrew Rivers

2 14

Name: Andrew Rivers

DOB: Oct. 30, 2023.

Parents: Philip Rivers and Tiffany Rivers


That’s what we all get about Philip Rivers Kids; he is a proud father of the ten. He is loving and caring towards their kids and for his wife.

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