Nigella Lawson Kids
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Nigella Lawson Kids: Today’s article concerns the food writer and television cook Nigella Lawson and her kids, spouse, and family. This article includes all the information you must know about Nigella Lawson.

Who Is Nigella Lawson?

Nigella Lawson Kids

Nigella Lawson was born on 6 January 1960 in Wandsworth, London, United Kingdom. The author graduated from Oxford University.

After her graduation, she chose the food line as her career. She used to work as a book reviewer and restaurant critic.

Currently, she is sixty-three years old. At the beginning of her career, she also wrote newspapers and magazines for “The Sunday Times in 1986”.

She hosts and appears on several cooking shows, and you on television see her making delicious food; the shows include Nigella Bites, Nigella: Cook, Eat, Repeat, Simply Nigella, etc.

Recently, after keeping her personal life private for years, the cookbook author revealed about her kids, spouse, and family in a recent conversation with a website; look what we get about her personal life.

Nigella Lawson Husband

Nigella Lawson married twice, but both marriages didn’t work for a long time. In 1992, she met John Diamond. John is an English presenter and a journalist. After dating for a long time, they decided to tie the knot.

But in 2001, in a very short period, they decided to part ways and officially divorced.

Two years after her divorce, she married Charles Saatchi. Charles Saatchi is an Iraqi businessman. Nigella Lawson is his third wife. He married two ladies named Doris Lockhart and Kay Saatchi before marrying Nigella.

But as in both previous marriages, this marriage no longer worked, and after many contrasts, finally, in 2013, they officially got divorced and parted their ways forever.

Nigella Lawson Kids

Nigella Lawson Kids: Unlucky in love, Nigella Lawson, despite being a working woman, is also a mother. Read below to learn more about Nigella Lawson Kids.

How Many Kids Does Nigella Lawson Have?

Nigella Lawson Kids: From her first marriage with John Diamond, she shares two kids: a daughter, Cosima Thomasina Diamond, and a son, Bruno Paul Diamond. After the separation, both parents used to take care of their children and not divide their love for them.

Cosima Thomasina Diamond

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Name: Cosima Thomasina Diamond

DOB: January 1994

Parents: Nigella Lawson and John Diamond

Cosima Thomasina Diamond is the first child of Nigella Lawson and John Diamond. She arrived in the family after two years of marriage; she was often spotted with her mother.

Nigella is very private when it comes to her children. She doesn’t reveal much more information about her kids. However, as per sources, Cosima is single and living with her mother.

She is twenty-nine years old now, and when it comes to her career, she is a support system for her mother, and she makes her appearances in many of her mother’s shows.

Bruno Paul Diamond

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Name: Bruno Paul Diamond

DOB: 28 June 1996 

Parents: Nigella Lawson and John Diamond

Bruno Paul Diamond is the younger one in the family; he was born in 1996. Currently, he is twenty-seven years old. After the divorce of his parents both he and his sister used to live with their mother.

After the death of their father due to throat cancer, the whole family combines for his funeral. In the emotional moment, Bruno is the support system for his mother and sister.

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Nigella Lawson Kids: That’s all we know about the cookbook author Nigella Lawson Kids. The mother is very private regarding her kids, it is the whole information we gather about them. Stay connected for more updates about your favorite celebrity and their kids.

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