Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Unveils the Gender of Her First Baby
Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Unveils the Gender of Her First Baby

25-year-old Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Unveils the Gender of Her First Baby. To know the gender of the baby read this news.

Tennis Star named Naomi Osaka shared a post on Instagram from her baby shower, the theme of the baby shower was princess.

She posted a photo of herself showing her baby bump and she was surrounded by pink and lavender balloons and flowers. “A little princess is on the way!” was written on a backdrop.

She also wrote a caption, “☺️🤍💜”

When did Naomi Osaka announce her pregnancy?

Naomi Osaka announced her pregnancy on January 11, 2023, via Instagram and Twitter, She shared pictures, the first picture was of her ultrasound.

She also tweeted, “The past few years have been interesting, to say the least, but I find that it is the most challenging times in life that may be the most fun,”

“These few months away from the sport have really given me a new love and appreciation for the game I’ve dedicated my life to.”

She also added, “I realize that life is so short and I don’t take any moments for granted, every day is a new blessing and adventure,”

“I know that I have so much to look forward to in the future, one thing I’m looking forward to is for my kid to watch one of my matches and tell someone, ‘That’s my mom,’ haha.”

“I’ll see you guys at the start of the next one cause I’ll be at Aus 2024,” “Love you all infinitely”, Osaka continued.

Is Naomi and Cordae still together?

Yes, Naomi and Cordae are dating since 2019 and they share an unbreakable bond. On 11 January 2023, they announced that they expect their first child (a girl) together.

The 23-year-old athlete, known for her powerful forehand and unwavering determination on the court, took to social media to share the exciting news. In a heartwarming post, Osaka revealed that she is expecting a baby girl, sparking a wave of congratulations and well-wishes from her adoring supporters around the globe.

With her incredible achievements on the tennis court and her inspiring advocacy for social justice, Osaka has become a role model for many. Now, as she embarks on the journey of motherhood

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