Miss Rachel's Kids
Miss Rachel's Kids

Miss Rachel’s kids, first know about who Miss. Rachel?. Miss Rachel is a nursery school teacher who turns to YouTube, now she is a popular YouTube celebrity. She is popular for making a show on YouTube called “Songs for Littles.”

Miss Rachel‘s YouTube channel is named Ms Rachel – Toddler Learning Video.

She started her YouTube channel in 2011. At present, she has about 2 million subscribers on her channel. Her videos are popular among children and their moms. Her channel helps the little ones to learn with fun.

Instagram Account

Also, she has a TikTok account, and she entertains the little ones on TikTok. She also makes music videos for the children. Children love her a lot.

How Many Kids Miss Rachel Had?

She married Aron Accurso in 2016, The couple birth to a beautiful son in 2018. Now her son is 4 years old, the couple named him Thomas.

Aron composed a song for the Aladdin show on Broadway. She started her YouTube channel in 2011, but her son inspired her a lot to achieve success.

Miss Rachel Husband

Her son is in trouble talking, so she thinks about it and starts making videos, that help the little ones talk.

Miss Rachel YouTube Channel

Miss Rachel started her YouTube channel in 2011, but it reached its peak in 2019. It was good before but after 2019 the channel and Miss Rachel became popular among the little ones and their moms.

Toddler Learning with Ms Rachel - Learn Zoo Animals - Kids Songs - Educational Videos for Toddlers
YouTube Channel

She said about the channel, “Sometimes, we have a dream, and then something even more rewarding and perfect is in store for us.”

The YouTube star continues, “My dream was to be a singer-songwriter. Then it was to be an excellent public school teacher, then a mother. Now, I’ve combined my dreams into the perfect job for me.”

She ended with, “I get to write songs, teach, and help kids, and I’m so lucky to be a mom. It all sort of happened by accident but feels meant to be.”

Meet Miss Rachel Son’s Thomas

Miss Rachel's Kids

Name: Thomas

Born: 2018

Age: 4 years old

Parents: Miss Rachel and Aron Accurso

In a conversation with Today, she talks about her son. The YouTube celeb says, “His first word was at 2 years and 8 months, and it was ‘mama,’ and I had waited for that for so long.”

She continues, “As a parent you want to do anything you can to help them and it’s not our fault when our child has a speech delay. A lot of things I teach are things I wish I had known for my son.”

“I needed experts to help me, Wouldn’t it be great if there was a show that really encouraged language development and worked on these important milestones and was slow-paced and a real person and very interactive?”

“I kept searching for this show for him and we couldn’t find it, so I was like, maybe we can try to create it and maybe it would help more kids”.

“It always comes back to that for me – Is this good for children? Am I helping? because that’s my calling, that’s my passion.”


As seen the struggle and dedication of Miss Rachel. It is clear that she is a lovely mom and a beautiful human being. She tries to help all the children like her son, through her work.

That is also a reason for her popularity, she also agrees with the statement that parents do not believe the YouTube videos.

But she agreed that these YouTube videos help many children, and she continues making these videos.

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