Mariska Hargitay Breaking the Silence on Her Son's Speech Impediment and the Power of Support
Mariska Hargitay Breaking the Silence on Her Son's Speech Impediment and the Power of Support

In an interview with People, Mariska Hargitay opens up about her Son’s Speech Impediment and the Power of Support.

Let us tell you, Mariska Hargitay, the eldest son is August who is 16 years old and the only biological child of Mariska with her husband Peter Hermann.

Mickey Hargitay’s daughter met her husband Peter in 2002 while filming a beloved procedural and the couple got married in 2004. The couple welcomed their first son together and then adopted two children in 2011.

While having a chat with People at Gala, Mariska revealed, “Our son stutters,” “And it was so beautiful to have this lovely community to introduce him to and learn about it from the experts.”

She added, “It was extraordinary when we first heard his stutter to meet Taro [Alexander] and have someone to go to because so many stutterers live in isolation. And there are so many people who come [to SAY] for the first time, and when they come they say that they’d never heard another person with a stutter,”

While talking about Alexander, Hargitay said “I met Taro through the sort of actor communities. We know a lot of people in common. I thought that he was a magical human being, and he told me about the organization, and then he invited us to a benefit.”

She also added, “I was just so moved by the work they were doing and this loving community, and I was so grateful to be educated. I could feel the cells of my heart changing – the molecular construction of my heart – it was so beautiful.”

Mariska Hargitay Breaking the Silence on Her Son’s Speech Impediment and the Power of Support

She also talked about her son named August, She said, “The thing about stuttering, and what I’ve learned, is so many times people who stutter try not to speak or try to switch the word or not say anything, get out of it, hide. It’s so heartbreaking to think that all these amazing humans with so much to offer would be holding it in because of how the world treats them, or for fear.”

She continued, “It’s been so exciting to learn and to understand and educate people because as soon as people know, they’re like, ‘Oh, my gosh. Thank you. Tell me more. Tell me more.’ It’s been just a beautiful journey.”

She explained, “It is increasingly important that we give out grace to take space and take time and to let the ideas out that want to come out,”

She also said, “And some of it is just speaking. Just everyday speaking, that chance to simply be.”

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