Ben Stiller's Kids
Ben Stiller's Kids

Ben Stiller full name is Benjamin Edward Meara Stiller is an American actor, comedian, and filmmaker. Ben has received various awards and honors throughout his career which include an Emmy Award, multiple MTV Movie Awards, a Britannia Award, and a Teen Choice Award.

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Stiller is also widely known for multiple franchise films and independent films. Ben’s films have grossed more than $2.6 billion with an average of $79 million per film in Canada and the United States.

How many kids does Ben Stiller have?

Ben Stiller is the father of two children who he shares with Christine Taylor. Ben has dated several actresses during his early television and film career but in May 2000, Stiller married Christine Taylor at an oceanfront ceremony in Kauai, Hawaii.

Ben and Christine met in 1999 when they both were filming “Heat Vision and Jack” a never-broadcast television pilot for Fox. Ben and Christine have done so many different films and TV series together like Zoolander, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Tropic Thunder, Zoolander 2 and in the TV series Arrested Development and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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After being together for 17 years, the couple separated in 2017 but later reconciled after living together during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Ben spoke to Esquire in 2022 about how they reunited “We were separated and got back together and we’re happy about that. It’s been wonderful for all of us. Unexpected, and one of the things that came out of the pandemic.”

“I’m so happy where I’m at in my life and the fact that we’re even able to be here together doing this right now, all those things are now not taken for granted. The whole last few years have been a time for everybody to kind of get in touch with a lot of that.” Ben added.

When you follow any celebrity you want to know about their kids and what are they doing. If you are one of those who love to discover your favorite celebrity kids? This is the right place for you to check out various celebrity kids. In the below article, we will see all of Ben Stiller’s Kids.

Ben Stiller’s spouseBen Stiller’s Kids
Christine Taylor (2000 – present )Ella Olivia Stiller
Quinlin Dempsey Stiller
Ben Stiller’s Kids

Here is everything to know about Ben Stiller’s Kids

Ben Stiller shared 2 kids with Christine Taylor. Ben and Christine welcomed their first kid together in April 2002 and their second child in July 2005. Stiller and Taylor brought their daughter Ella Stiller with them to the Tribeca Film Festival red carpet.

“It’s become much more deliberate for me over the years wanting to have time with my family and having kids who are now much older,” Ben told ET. “I think the pandemic has also put a new lens on that for everybody in looking at what’s important in terms of the time that we have together.”

Ben talked about how his acting skills helped him be a good dad to his kids in a 2008 interview with Chicago Parent. “I think every parent has to sort of be an actor with their kids when they’re doing that,” he said.

“You just sort of have to commit fully, and you don’t care, because you know the audience, and you want them to be happy, and kids love to be told stories, my son especially. So if you can make them laugh, or you can sort of get them into that mode where they’re into it then yeah, you use whatever abilities you have. And that’s fun.” he added.

Let’s see in detail about both the kids of Ben Stiller.

Ella Olivia Stiller

Ella Olivia Stiller was born on April 9, 2002.

Ella is Ben and Taylor’s oldest child and based on her Instagram, she is studying drama at The Juilliard School. Over the years she has attended many red-carpet events with her parents and was recently seen with her parents at the Tribeca Film Festival in June 2023.

Ben talked about how Ella previously called him out for not being much around her childhood because he was too busy working in a February 2022 interview with Esquire “She’s pretty articulate about it, and sometimes it’s stuff that I don’t want to hear. It’s hard to hear,” he said.

“Because it’s me not being there in the ways that I saw my parents not being there. And I had always thought, ‘Well, I won’t do that.’ But then it’s that thing that, like, I was trying to navigate my own desire to fulfill the hopes and dreams I had, too. And that doesn’t feel great, but it’s important to acknowledge.” he added

Ella decided to follow in her dad’s footsteps when it comes to her career and become an actress. She’s also gotten to act on a few projects with her dad and she’s also appeared in Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014) and Hubie Halloween (2020). Ben regularly posts pictures of her daughter on his Instagram.

Ben talked about how he is happy for his daughter in a 2019 interview on Ellen. “She loves [acting], and she’s very passionate about it, and she knows what she wants to do. I just want to kind of support her in it in any way I can.”

Quinlin Dempsey Stiller

Quinlin Dempsey Stiller was born on July 10, 2005.

Quinlin is Ben and Taylor’s second child and unlike his sister, Quinlin hasn’t attended many red-carpet events but he is often seen sitting courtside with his dad at basketball games. Ben and Taylor like to keep their personal lives out of the spotlight.

Quinlin has dabbled in a bit of acting and worked as a voice artist for Madagascar 2 and Megamind. He also appeared in the 2021 rom-com Locked Down. Quinlin also loves to play basketball and Ben also revealed in the Ellen interview that his son had a knee injury from playing basketball in February 2022.

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