Karyn Parsons's Kids
Karyn Parsons's Kids

Karyn Parsons‘s full name is Karyn Parsons Rockwell is an American actress, author, and comedian. Karyn Parsons is well known for her role as Hilary Banks on the NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air from 1990 to 1996.

Karyn Parsons’s Kids

How many kids does Karyn Parsons have?

Karyn Parsons is the mother of two kids. Karyn Parsons married the director Alexandre Rockwell in 2003 and the couple together share a daughter, Lana, and a son, Nico.

Parsons is also known for her charity courses and for devoting some of her time to them. Her non-profit organization mainly focuses on the education of children on many unpopular Black Americans in history.

Parsons is the founder of the Sweet Blackberry Foundation a produces organization that produces animated films and books about unsung black heroes. The first video in the series was about Henry “Box” Brown, a slave who mailed himself to freedom.

Parsons shares her experience of being told stories about Henry “Box” Brown by her mother, so she brought the story to life through her nonprofit Sweet Blackberry in February 2005. The Journey of Henry “Box” Brown was released and narrated by actress Alfre Woodard.

“He was a proud man, enslaved man, who literally mailed himself to freedom in a box, and when the box went across state lines, he was a free man. And I found that was the emphasis for the whole thing. Because I just found that so remarkable. She told me this stuff over the years.” Parsons explained.

Karyn Parsons’s Kids

Sweet Blackberry’s second film, Garrett’s Gift was narrated by Queen Latifah, and the story is about a young Garrett Morgan, a creative child who became a highly regarded inventor. Both the films were aired on HBO and HBO Family and have garnered several awards, which includes the Parents’ Choice Award. Other narrators used by Sweet Blackberry include Chris Rock and Misty Copeland.

Parsons, when asked about How do your children feel about the series? Do they give you any feedback? she said “We did our last film, the story of Janet Collins, the first black prima ballerina. When I finished writing it, I wanted to read it out loud and hear how it sounded and the way the pace would be. My son just happened to come over and he sat on my lap.”

“So, I thought, OK, I’m going to just give this a go. And so I sat with him and I just started telling the story. I thought he’d get up and kind of wander off because he just came over and sat. He sat there through the whole thing and listened to the whole thing. In the end, he’s like, ‘I like that.’” she added

“I was so happy. I didn’t go to him and try to solicit some kind of response. And I got it! I got the one I wanted! It went really well, so that was great.” she further added.

When you follow any celebrity you want to about their kids and what are they doing. If you are one of those who love to discover your favorite celebrity kids? This is the right place for you to check out various celebrity kids. In the below article, we will see all about Karyn Parsons’s Kids.

Karyn Parsons’s SpousesKaryn Parsons’s kids
Alexandre Rockwell (2003 – present)Lana Rockwell
Nico Rockwell
Karyn Parsons’s kids

Here is everything to know about Karyn Parsons’s kids

Karyn Parsons and Alexandre Rockwell together share two kids a daughter, Lana who was born on June 8, 2003, and a son, Nico who was born on April 11, 2007. Karyn Parsons has kept her kids out of the spotlight and they have led a private life.

Lana Rockwell

The couple welcomed their first child and only daughter named Lana, on June 8, 2003.

Lana Rockwell is 20 years old and is the oldest child of Karyn Parsons and Alexandre Rockwell and have her Instagram public and post on it on a regular basis about her daily life. Here it is check it out.

Lana has a very close relationship with her mom and Parsons also posted some pictures of her daughter on her Instagram wishing her birthday along with a sweet caption, “You forever changed my world. I am forever grateful. Happy Birthday, my beautiful Lana. I love you. 💕🪷✨🌝”

On her daughter’s every birthday, Parsons writes a sweet note on her Instagram for her “You are pure magic. I love you to the moon and back, and again and again. So crazy about you. More so every year. 🌻 Happy birthday, my beautiful Lana. 🦋💕💕💕✨✨✨”

Nico Rockwell

The couple welcomed their second child named Nico Rockwell, on April 11, 2007.

Nico Rockwell is 16 years old and not much is revealed about Parsons’s younger child but the mother of 2 never forgets to share sweet pictures and captions on their birthday, on Nico’s 16th birthday Parson shared a series of pictures and a note.

“Still so hard for me to wrap my head around. 16! How?! So many years of love. So many more to come. I’m beyond proud of you, Nico. And crazy about you. Always know how much your mama loves you.”

Nico has a private Instagram account but his mother is there for showing us how grown up he is and as we can see he is quite grown up and look like his mother in so many ways.

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