Jennifer Garner Reflects on the 'Mess of Parenting' with Ben Affleck
Jennifer Garner Reflects on the 'Mess of Parenting' with Ben Affleck

Alias star who shares three children Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, with ex-husband Affleck Reflects on the ‘Mess of Parenting’ with Ben Affleck.

In an interview with Variety’s “Actors on Actors” series, Jennifer Garner talked with Sherrill Lee Ralph, and the pair reflected on their experience with divorce, motherhood, and despite their fame they are willing to give their children a grounded upbringing.

Sheryl Lee talked about their divorce and a relationship with her ex, she said, “Both of us having gone through divorce, You did something that I did as well, and that was maintain as healthy a relationship with my ex for the health and well-being of my children. And with the spotlight on us all the time, sometimes that can be difficult.”

Juno star reveals mess of parenting is a gift, Jennifer said, “All the mess of parenting. It’s a gift, When I see you and your kids, I was like, ‘Girl, we did that,’“ Sheryl Lee added, to which Jennifer responded, ”We’re doing it!“

Interview with Allure

In an interview with Allure in May, Jennifer Garner said, she was “such a first-time mom. She joked and said that her daughter “didn’t have a shot.” She couldn’t have a free thought – I was all over her. I was a nightmare for everyone around me.“

Proud mom says kids will figure out everything and she is having faith in them, Juno star explained, “Your kids will really figure out who they are and what they are when they’re older, and most likely they will hew toward lovely. I have a lot of faith in my kids,”

Jennifer Garner

She continued, “I don’t love every behavior all the time, always. It’s gnarly growing up. We didn’t have the eyes on us that our kids have.”

She also talked about movies and reveal her kids love seeing Ben Affleck, says “They don’t mind watching their dad, but they kind of want me to be their mom,”.

“They don’t want to see me upset and women cry more in what we do. And they don’t really want to see me in a romantic thing.” she continued.

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