Jazz Raycole Kids
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Jazz Raycole Kids: Jazz Raycole was born in Stockton, California, on February 11, 1988. Jazzmine Raycole Dillingham is an American actress and dancer.

She is the daughter of Ray, a water company superintendent, and Claudia Dillingham, who owned a dance studio and managed Raycole’s career during her childhood.

Jazz danced for the first time when she was a toddler. Jazz was involved in dance competitions by the age of four.

Raycole studied to dance under her mother and Barbara Faulkner. In 1995, Raycole started her acting career.

She appeared in two films: voicing Puppy in Babe and Onika Harris in Waiting to Exhale. In 2001, Jazz was part of Boston Ballet and taught dance classes the same year.

Raycole is best known for her role as Claire Kyle on the sitcom My Wife and Kids during the first season. She is called Jazzmine Raycole.

Later, she decided to break into acting and moved with her family to Los Angeles, where Jazz found work.

The first Major movie of Raycole was Waiting to Exhale (1995), which also appeared in Booty Call (1997), Babe (1996), Smart Guy (1997), Ellen (1994), and Parenthood (1990).

Currently, Raycole is dancing under the eye of multitalented choreographer Debbie Allen.

Does Jazz Raycole have kids?

Jazz Raycole Kids
Jazz Raycole Kids

Jazz Raycole has no child yet. She once shared the above image on her Instagram account, which made her fans assume she was pregnant. But that was the image from one of her shooting of some TV show.

The news was wrong that Jazz Raycole was pregnant, and rumors spread as fire everywhere. Raycole had no marriage or affairs earlier. She is still single.

Relationship Status:

Raycole, known for her superb acting and dancing career, has managed her personal life secretly. Jazz has not revealed her past relationship; according to information, she has no husband.

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