"Degrassi" Star Jake Epstein Embraces Parenthood with the Arrival of His First Child
"Degrassi" Star Jake Epstein Embraces Parenthood with the Arrival of His First Child

It’s a celebration time for “Degrassi” Star, Jake Epstein as he and his wife Vanessa Smythe embrace parenthood with the arrival of his first child.

Vanessa Smythe and her husband Jake Epstein shared the confirmation after 11 days on their respective Instagram accounts on June 14.

On June 14, the Canadian actor shared a series of pictures with his first newborn child. In the first picture, Dad shared a picture with his son where he was sleeping with his newborn.

In the second picture, Daddy Jake clicked the picture when his wife Vanessa was sleeping with his son. In the third picture, the Designated Survivor star shared a single picture of his son where he was sleeping.

In the last picture, Jake posed with his first child in the hospital. He also shared a long caption, I wanted to introduce you to our new little guy…This is Miles August, Epstein.
Born May 25, 2023.

“Degrassi,” continued, I’m in total awe of his mama and how she is transforming into this amazing new mum before my eyes.

He’s only been on this planet for 18 days and it feels like I’ve landed in this new alternate reality of life. Being a parent. It’s wild. I’m on no sleep but I couldn’t love this little cuddler, music lover, and pooper more. Welcome to the world my guy… He added.

Mom Vanessa Smythe shared a picture of her son

Mom Vanessa Smythe also shared a picture of her newborn in an orange t-shirt and a white pajama on the same day, she also wrote a long caption, “On May 25 at 4:59 pm, Miles August Epstein was lifted into the world and placed on my chest. We got to be cheek to cheek. Then he got to go to his dad.:

The actress added, “It has been only a couple weeks and yet I swear there is a dimension of time that has wrenched open vertically because it feels like he’s been here for ages.”

“Holy moly what a trip. Thank your parents if they raised you. This kind of love is so consuming and yet I can’t grasp it with words. Here he is.” she continued.

When did Vanessa Smythe and Jake Epstein got married?

Vanessa Smythe and Jake Epstein got married in the year 2018 and they announce their pregnancy news in April by sharing a photo of her baby bump and welcomed their first kids on May 25, 2023.

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