How Many Kids Does Jelly Roll Have?
How Many Kids Does Jelly Roll Have?

Jason Bradley Deford is the real name of Jelly Roll. He is an American singer and songwriter. In 2023, he is well known for his song “Son of a Sinner” and won three CMT Music Awards for the same song.

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Many people want to know about How Many Kids Does Jelly Roll Have? So here is the article How Many Kids Does Jelly Roll Have? and know everything about them.

How Many Kids Does Jelly Roll Have?

Jelly Roll is the father of a daughter, Bailee Ann, and a son, Noah. The mother of Bailee Ann is Felicia who is Jelly Roll’s ex.

Jelly Roll is married to Bunnie XO who is an American model, actress, podcast host and YouTuber. The couple was married on August 2016. Bunnie and Jelly do not have any children of their own, but Jelly is the father of two children from his old relationship.

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In an interview with Taste of Country Nights in 2022, the singer talked how his relationship started with his wife. He said, “We hit it off. She said she fell in love with the saddest eyes in the room, I’m not going to act like I shot my shot.”

“She kind of shot hers. We had mutual friends. She said, ‘Yo. Just plug me in with Jelly.’ And I hit her on some other s–t. I was like, ‘Yo. I’m going to be coming out to shoot some content and video stuff.” He added.

He continued, “She was like, ‘Yeah! C’mon!’ I was like, ‘Cool, well I’m living in my van, so I’ll leave now.’”

Here is everything to know about Jelly Roll Kids

Jelly Roll is the proud father of 2 kids, a daughter, and a son from his past relationships.

Jelly revealed in his documentary that his daughter changed his life. He said, “On more than one occasion, my daughter was a divine intervention in my life,”.

“I think I lived an extremely selfish life until that moment. I think it was the first time in my whole life that I thought about putting somebody in front of me.”

In that moment, I made a promise with her that I had to be there for her. It’s almost like something clicked right then.” The singer continued.

Bailee Ann

Bailee Ann is the first child of Jelly Roll. She was born on May 22, 2008, when his father was in jail. Jelly shares his daughter with his ex Felicia.

“Save Me” singer has full custody of his daughter, Stepmom Bunnie helped the father to get custody of Bailee Ann in 2016 as her biological mother was addicted to drugs, and from that time the pair are raising her together.

Bailee had an appearance in the documentary and talked about the relationship with her father and mother, She said, “I had an extra, interesting, traumatic childhood. Bunnie did, my dad did. They’re important reasons for why my mom is in my life now and is sober,”

“As a teenager, I’ve moved on. I’ve worked through my childhood. But that doesn’t make it go away. It made me who I am today.” the daughter of Jelly continued.


Noah is the second child of Jelly but the mother of Noah is unknown. He was born in 2016 and now he is six years old.

The singer met his wife, Bunny XO, a year before Deford was born. In an Instagram post, the singer revealed that he doesn’t share information about his son out of respect for his mother and her privacy.

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