Dean McDermott's Kids
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Dean McDermott is a Canadian Actor. He was born on 16 November 1966 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is best known for being a reality television personality with his wife, actress Tori Spelling.

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He completed his graduation from there and soon moved into the acting industry. Since his debut on the big screen and television, Dean McDermott has acted in dozens of films. He is very famous for his work On television.

How Many Kids Does Dean McDermott’s Mandel Have?

Dean McDermott is the father of six, he shares a son named Jack McDermott with his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace whom he got divorced after 13 years of marriage.

Dean shares three sons (Liam, Finn, and Beau) and two daughters (Stella and Hatti) with his current wife Tori Spelling.

Dean met Tori Spelling in Ottawa, Canada, When both of them were working together in the shooting of a film, then both of them were marrying different people.

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When Dean McDermott was married to Mary Jo Eustace and Tori Spelling was married to Charlie Shanian. Less than a month after finalizing her divorce from Shanian, and following McDermott’s separation from Eustace, the stars married in a private ceremony in Fiji on May 7, 2006.

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Tori SpellingLiam McDermott
Beau McDermott
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Dean McDermott’s Kids

Here is everything to know about Dean McDermott’s Kids

As you all read above, Dean is the father of six children named Liam, Beau, Stella, Finn, Hattie, and Jack, After the Wedding Tori became pregnant and welcomed their eldest son, Liam.

Dean said “It’s with great sadness and a very very heavy heart that after 18 years together and 5 amazing children, @torispelling and I have decided to go our separate ways and start a new journey of our own,”

He wrote. “We will continue to work together as loving parents and guide and love our children through this difficult time.”

Jack McDermott

Jack McDermott is the child of Dean and his Ex-wife mary, He was born on October 10, 1998.

In 1999 Dean McDermott and his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace celebrate their first child Jack. Her full name is Jack Montgomery McDermott.

Spelling is now very close to her stepson Jack but previously there was a long distance between them when Jack was a teen.

On October 7, 2019, she praised Jack on his 21st birthday by posting a touching tribute. Celebrated. She began the long post by recalling the time when she first met Jack when she was 6 years old.

Jack said “Since my parents’ divorce in 2006, I have rarely spoken out because I preferred to stay away from it.

Unfortunately, my mother has been accused of spreading information about my father, stepmother, and siblings. I can no longer remain silent because of the recent decision of the

Jack said, “For 17 years my father has atoned for the mistakes he made in the past. He has grown a lot as a person. Till a week ago, both our families were living in (sic) harmony “

“With this podcast, it has created a rift between our two families and created a divide that I have not been able to mend. Sadly, I’m not sure it can.”

Liam McDermott

Liam McDermott is the first kid of Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling. He was born on March 13, 2007.

Liam McDermott real name is Liam Aaron McDermott. He is the eldest son of Dean and Tori. Liam’s early life was depicted on his parents’ reality show. Now he is 16 years old.

Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. From his birth to major life events like birthdays and holidays, cameras followed his family until he was about 5 years old.

Liam’s life on social media, including graduating from elementary school in 2019. In one post, Tori Spelling celebrated her eldest child, Liam, calling him “kind, clever, smart, resilient, driven, funny, and amazing” and Sharing pictures from the function.

Stella McDermott

Stella McDermott is the second child of Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling. She was born on June 9, 2008. at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.

Stella’s name was her mother Spelling’s choice. Spelling’s favorite books and her middle name are in honor of McDermott’s late mother.

“I used to be obsessed with the book Great Expectations, and Stella was the main character,” Spelling said. “So I told that to Dean and he was like.

‘That’s a great name.’ We were kind of playing back and forth, calling her Stella. It wasn’t fitting, though. And then one day, Dean was like, ‘What about Stella?’ I said, ‘That’s it!’ “

Stella was also featured on her parents’ reality show Tory & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood Like her older brother Liam. Tory shared a photo to her Instagram Story late Wednesday, which shows her daughter Stella, 14, lying on a hospital bed wearing a gown and face mask.

Stella’s health began to improve after enrolling in the school, “How Stella got her groove back… thanks to @petitenpretty – her first modeling shoot as a teen girl,”

Spelling wrote on Instagram. “Stella is a wonderful human being. Heart of gold and always leads with kindness. She is innovative and creative and full of fire. The young lady’s fire subsided.”

Hattie McDermott

Hattie McDermott is the third child of Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling. She was born on Oct. 10, 2011

In 2011 McDermott and Spelling celebrated their second daughter Hattie. Liam and Stella were both overjoyed that they had had a little baby, and it didn’t take long for Stella to grow close to Hattie.

Spelling said that the closeness between her two daughters increased and they came closer to each other. Celebrating Sisters Day, Spelling captioned Stella and Hattie’s post on Instagram, Soul sisters.

In 2019, Hattie was 8 years old Spelling reveals that her younger daughter Hattie likes her mother to horror and gore and, like her older sister Stella, Hattie also has an interest in make-up.

Dean McDermott’s Kids

Spelling celebrated her daughter’s 11th birthday in 2022 with a Halloween-themed party and she made a video of the Halloween birthday party and posted it on Instagram with the caption

“Hattie’s adorably spooky Halloween Birthday … this is 11 🖤

Finn McDermott

Finn McDermott is the fourth child of Spelling and Dean. He was born on Aug. 30, 2012.

Dean and Spelling welcomed their fourth baby Finn. When Victoria was pregnant, she was told too much bed rest, her pregnancy was very critical.

Baby Finn was delivered via C-section at 37 weeks and unfortunately, Spelling suffered post-delivery complications. She had emergency surgery but thankfully recovered. She said Even long after Finn was born, she was very protective of him.

“Dean says I’m actually more protective of Finn than the other three,” Spelling told People in 2013. But at home, I usually stand behind him, ‘Wow! Wow! Wow!’ And Dean says, ‘Please stop gasping!’ ,

Spelling explained that he was the complete opposite of his brother Liam and joked that Finn would often run around “terrorizing everything”.

On Finn’s 9th birthday in 2021, Spelling called her “miracle baby” who has a “huge” heart and a “beautiful soul” and her mother shared on Instagram.

Dean McDermott’s Kids

“We connect inside and out in so many ways,” Spelling wrote on Instagram. “Except, I aspire to be the person he is. You are the magical Finn Davy.”

Beau McDermott

Beau McDermott is the fifth and last child of Dean and Tori, He was born on On March 2, 2017

Beau McDermott’s real name is Beau Dean McDermott, he is the youngest child of Spelling and Dean. Spelling says Beau came to her family at the perfect time when they all “needed a little bit of hope.”

She said that he immediately became “the sunshine of life” to them, and as “a wise little old soul”, he made everyone laugh. Nowadays Victoria is seen on social media with her parents and her parents have told that Victoria loves animals.

He also likes school and sports and often accompanies his father to the golf course. In 2023 Beau was 6 years old and at his birthday party, Spelling shared an Instagram reel that read.

Dean McDermott’s Kids

“Can’t believe my baby turns 6 today,” she wrote in the caption, “He’s the best of me, his dad, and all of his family.” It’s like brothers.” — brings so much joy and laughter to the sisters’ lives,” and notes, “He fulfills us all.”

In 2023 Beau and his father enjoyed in Los Angeles at the event of Paw Petrol’s 10th Anniversary.

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