Frankie Dettori Kids
Frankie Dettori Kids

Frankie Dettori Kids: Talking about Frankie Dettori Kids, let’s analyze Dettorie’s own life, his experiences, his ups and downs, and the success he had.

Who Is Frankie Dettori?

Dettori was born on 15 December 1970. Currently, he is 52 years old. You can’t imagine his strength by only knowing his age. He is evergreen. He works as a professional Italian Jockey.

In his career of 35 years, he won many matches and became a British flat racing Champion Jockey three times. His father also worked as a jockey. His name was Gianfranco Dettori.

Frankie Dettori Kids

After achieving so much success in his entire career, Dettori announces his retirement, but after some time, he refuses the retirement plan and is determined to keep playing.

Dettori(Instagram) is the kind of player who did not use jockey as his career or his profession. He used jockey as a game, which is it. The main reason for Dettorie’s success is that he plays Jockey with full passion and determination.

And his fans loved him more and more for that. Frankie Dettori has now appeared in I’m A Celebrity…. Get Me Out of Here! It seems exciting whether he survives in the show or not.

Frankie Dettori Wife

The professional Italian Jockey married Catherine Allen on 20 July 1997 at the Catholic Church in Newmarket. According to the reports, Dettori met Catherine at her University.

Frankie Dettori Kids

He falls in love with her for the first time. In 1997, they decided to spend the rest of their lives together and tied the knot of love.

Catherine is always spotted with Frankie and in his competitions to cheer him. Frankie once said she was the best for him. Now meet Frankie Dettori Kids.

How Many Kids Dettori Have?

Frankie Dettori Kids: Dettori, with his wife Catherine, had five kids: Leo, Ella, Mia, Tallulah, and Rocco.

Meet Frankie Dettori Kids

Frankie Dettori Kids


He is working as the head Barman. His father, Frankie Dettori, posted on Facebook and congratulated his son for moving on to a new phase of life.

1 3

Name: Leo Dettori

DOB: Not Revealed

Parents: Frankie Dettori and Catherine Allen

Occupation: Head Barman


Ella made her debut as a jockey in July 2022 after a good performance in the race. The jockey said, “Dad gave me a few tips before the race. I hope I made him proud. That was my aim.”

2 3

Name: Ella Dettori

DOB: 2007

Parents: Frankie Dettori and Catherine Allen

Occupation: Jockey


3 1

Name: Mia Dettori

DOB: Not Revealed

Parents: Frankie Dettori and Catherine Allen


4 2

Name: Tallulah Dettori

DOB: Not Revealed

Parents: Frankie Dettori and Catherine Allen


The youngest jockey in the family, Rocco, won the Shetland Pony Grand National at the Windsor Horse Show. He is dedicated and full of energy.

The little Rocco said, “I rode with my dad, and it was an amazing experience, and I’m very proud that I did it.”

The little jockey father said, “Obviously, as a parent, I really don’t want him to do it, but as a sportsman or as a way of life, if you love it, then it’s really amazing.”

” He seems to have the right physique, and if he wants to pursue this sport, I’m going to try to help him. It’s up to him.”


Name: Rocco Dettori

DOB: Not Revealed

Parents: Frankie Dettori and Catherine Allen

Frankie, in a conversation, said he thinks his elder son Leo took forward the legacy of Jockey, but he chose a different path. But he is happy to see his Daughter Ella take his legacy forward.

Also, he is happy to see his little, the younger among the five siblings, who is showing his interest in the field of Jokey.


That’s all we get about Frankie Dettori Kids and his family. I hope you enjoyed the article. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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