Christian Cage Kids
Christian Cage Kids

Christian Cage Kids: Christian is a professional wrestler. He was born on 30 November 1973 in Kitchener, Canada. He played in WWE and AWE. Also, Cage won twenty-four championships, which included seven world championships and nine tag team titles.

Cage made her debut in wrestling in 1995. Also, he appeared as an actor in many movies and television shows. Once in his wrestling career, he took a break. After some time, he continues in wrestling.

Christian Cage Kids

Christian Cage Spouse

Christian Cage married Denise Hartmann in 2001. According to reports, the two met in England. Where Cage came for a match, and Denise came to spend her holidays. From there, the love flies in the air.

And in 2001, they decided to spend the rest of their lives together and tied the knot. However, due to conflicts between the couple, they filed for divorce in 2019, and in 2020, the divorce was finalized.

How Many Kids Christian Cage Have?

Christian Cage Kids: In 2013 the separated couple welcomed their first daughter child, Isla, in December 2013. Isla is Christian Cage’s only child.

Meet Christian Cage Kids

Christian Cage Kids: Meet Cage’s single daughter, Isla, here trying to cover all the information about her.


Christian Cage Kids

Name: Isla

DOB: December 2013

Parents: Christian Cage and Denise Hartmann

Isla is the daughter of Cage and his ex-wife Hartman. After the divorce her mother used to take care of her. In his TNT match, Cage used to take his daughter with him. After the match, in an interview with her daughter Is, he won this TNT belt. He got angry at her and kicked her off.

Christian said to her, “Did you win this belt? You did not win this belt. Nobody touches this title, but me. Only I can hold this title.”


Here is the end of Christian Cage Kids: His behavior in the interview is very rude and disgusting towards her daughter. Whatever it is, she is a little girl, and it is not a kind of behave anybody to do with a kid.

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