Star-Studded Pride: Obama Obama, Brosnan & Celeb Kids Graduate 2023
Star-Studded Pride: Obama Obama, Brosnan & Celeb Kids Graduate 2023

President Barack Obama, Pierce Brosnan, and several stars were proud parents at their kids’ 2023 graduation ceremonies.

Star-Studded Pride: Obama Obama, Brosnan & Celeb Kids Graduate 2023

Barak Obama who is a famous politician attended his daughter Sasha’s graduation ceremony from the University of California which was held on May 12. He attended the event with his wife, and their eldest daughter named Malia.

The student transferred from the University of Michigan to USC in the year 2022 and had a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

In addition to her hat, gown, stole, and cords, Sasha wore a white and purple leotard, possibly as an homage to Hawaii, where her father was born in 1961.

Through Instagram, Brosnan commemorated his and his wife Keely Shaye Smith‘s youngest child’s Paris college graduation.


Brosnan wrote, “Dearest Paris, Heartfelt congratulations on your graduation from Loyola Marymount University School of Film & Television,” He also share a picture with himself and Smith, “Go into the world with a brave heart and create stories that will make the world a better place.”

Thomas Sadoski commented, “Time is crazy. This is so wonderful!”

Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice also declared her daughter Gia’s college graduation from Rutgers University. Teresa shared a pic of herself and Gia, and captioned “I am so proud of my devoted and intelligent daughter, Gia, for graduating [from] a stellar university, a huge milestone to accomplish in life,”.

Gia completed her bachelor’s in criminal justice and wants to become a lawyer after her father.

Teresa also continued, “You definitely paved the path of success for your sisters, and you are an inspiration to them and me. I am so excited to see what your future holds. You have always been a leader and a determined individual. Your attributes are admirable, and I have no doubt that you will do anything less than reach for the stars. I love you to infinity and beyond!💗🎓.”

Anna Cardwell

Anna Cardwell shared a picture on May 23 with her two daughters as she attend her eldest daughter Kaitlyn’s school graduation ceremony. She captioned, “Y’all I got a first grader 🥺😭😩I am so proud of my baby for going to first grade she is so smart excuse me while I go cry because I am getting old 😢”

Jennie Garth

On Tuesday, May 23, Jennie Garth shared a post on Instagram with her daughter Luca as she attended her graduation ceremony and captioned, “So happy for my @lucabellabella as she completes a huge chapter in her life👩‍🎓,”

“So much hard work paid off for this moment. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you my sweet❤️.”

Luca also thanked her mom, She wrote, “Thank you Mommie 💐 so grateful you were there (and are always there for me).,”

Despite their past differences, the former couple Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli put their personal matters aside as they joined forces to commemorate their daughter Luca’s graduation.

Alex Rodriguez

Yankees player Alex, celebrated his daughter Natasha, high school graduation on May 20 whom he shares with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis.

Father shared a picture of his family on Instagram from the ceremony and captioned, “Yesterday was bittersweet. Tashi, I can’t make time stand still, so my wish for you is to go out in the world with confidence, knowing your worth and believing in yourself,”

He also added, “As you move on from one chapter to the next, I’m most proud of who you are as a person. Honest, kind, compassionate, intuitive and wise beyond your years. As your father, I’m supposed to be your role model. But for the last 18 years, you’ve been mine. Proud of you always! Love, Daddy 💙.”

Queen Rania of Jordan

King Abdullah and Queen Rania’s Salma graduated from the University of Southern California on May 12.

The queen shared the news through Instagram with pictures of the ceremony and wrote “So proud to celebrate my Salma’s graduation yesterday from the University of Southern California,”

She also added, “I can’t wait to see what you do next. Congratulations!”

Sonja Morgan

Sonja Morgan and her ex-husband John Adam celebrated their daughter’s college graduation.

Mom Sonja shared a picture of her daughter in a white dress and captioned it, “The proudest day of my life. My darling daughter graduated Summa Cum Laude at The University of Penn. 👩‍🎓”
She continued, “I would say best of all she’s happy and happens to be a well-rounded, kind, and humble young woman with great aspirations. All this fused with innate talent. 💕 👩‍🎓 📚 💐 🖼️ ✈️ 🍱 🥂”

Alyssa Milano

It is a celebration time for Alyssa Milano’s family as Milano’s 12-year-old son Milo Graduates from Elementary School.

Charmed star Alyssa Milano shared 2 posts from her son Milo’s elementary school graduation ceremony.

The famous actress shared some pictures of the ceremony with family and friends. She congratulated her son and also thank his family, friends, and coaches who support Milo.

“We celebrated my son today. He graduated from elementary school. I’m emotional. Parenting is such a phenomenon. You love them so hard.”

“And nurture and guide and feed and push and cherish. And all that emotion—that fire in your belly—is to eventually let them fly. We hold them so close—to let them go.”

“Gah! It’s hard. Being a parent is hard. Loving people that much, that wholly, is terrifying. There is nothing I want more than their health and happiness.” she continued

“Thank you to the family and friends and coaches who came to support Milo tonight. Thanks for being our village. I couldn’t parent without you.”

She added, “I love you all so much. Congratulations, Milo. You’re an amazing young man and I love you.”

Laura Dern

Laura Dern took to Instagram on Monday to share a few scenes of Jaya’s high school graduation from New Roads School in Santa Monica, California.

The first picture Dern shared includes her daughter, Jaya, speaking from a lectern during the ceremony wearing a purple cap and gown, In the second picture, Dern was clicked with Jaya, and In the third mother-daughter found with actress Diane Ladd.

She also wrote a long caption, “The most amazing milestone to experience. My baby graduated high school. Thank you @newroadsschool for being an extraordinary space that honors social justice as a core to curriculum and growing empathy”

Proud mom thanked all the teachers and administration, “A true and diverse representative community. Thank you to all the teachers and administration for your profound gifts and influence. Jaya. I’m so proud of you and your incredible heart and voice. I’m in awe of you.”

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