Carlos Alcaraz's Parents
Carlos Alcaraz's Parents

Carlos Alcaraz is a Spanish professional tennis player and ranked world No. 1 in singles by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and he has been one of the most talented teenagers in tennis history.

Carlos Alcaraz’s Parents

The 20-year-old Carlos has won four ATP titles and became the youngest to win the ATP title since Kei Nishikori in Umag and Alcaraz has been ranked as high as world No. 22 and won two titles on the ITF Junior Circuit.

Unveiling the Supportive Backbone: Meet Carlos Alcaraz’s Parents

Carlos Alcaraz Garfia was born on May 5, 2003, to parents Carlos Alcaraz González and Virginia Garfia Escandón. He was born in El Palmar, Murcia, Spain, and has three siblings named Alvaro, Sergio, and Jaime. Both of his parents came from Spanish backgrounds.

He started playing tennis at a very young age at the Real Sociedad Club de Campo de Murcia where his father Mr. Carlos Alcaraz Gonzalez was the tennis academy director. Carlos Alcaraz Garfia was deeply inspired by his father.

Carlos Alcaraz’s Parents

From Early Beginnings to Global Recognition Carlos Alcaraz’s Family have a great contribution to Shaping his Tennis Career. Carlos Alcaraz has always been a boy with ambition and with the proper guidance of his father he is where he is now.

Carlos Alcaraz’s dad was one of the top 40 tennis players in Spain and from an early age 1990s, he used to play tennis professionally. Carlos Alcaraz followed in his father’s footsteps and like his father, he was also interested in the sport as he use to take him to various tennis events when he was only four years old.

We all are well known that having a supportive family environment is extremely important to achieve success in life and Carlos Alcaraz is the lucky one on that. Growing up, Rafael Nadal, used to be Alcaraz’s idol and he use to be someone he looked up to.

Carlos Alcaraz Gonzalez (Carlos Alcaraz’s Father)

Carlos Alcaraz’s Father is Carlos Alcaraz Gonzalez and he is also known as Carlos Alcaraz Sr. Carlos Alcaraz’s Father has always been an inspiration for him and he was someone he use to look up to and followed in his footsteps.

Carlos Alcaraz Gonzalez was a former tennis player and is also the director of the Real Sociedad Club de Campo de Murcia and played a crucial role in building his son’s tennis career.

Carlos Alcaraz’s Parents, Carlos Alcaraz Gonzalez (Carlos Alcaraz’s Father) (image credit_ sportskeeda)

Alcaraz use to train with his father from the age of four and after that, he assigned him to former World No. 1 Juan Carlos Ferrera to enhance his son’s game and compete with others at the highest level.

Carlos Alcaraz Gonzalez has always been a passionate and dedicated father to Carlos Alcaraz and his approach seems to be paying off as Alcaraz is currently the youngest number-one-ranked tennis player all over the world.

Carlos Alcaraz and his father seem to have a very close relationship and as a father to him, he is also very dedicated.

Virginia Garfia (Carlos Alcaraz’s Mother)

Carlos Alcaraz’s mother is Virginia Garfia. She got married to Carlos Alcaraz’s Father Carlos Alcaraz Gonzalez in her 20s in Spain though Carlos Alcaraz’s mother Virginia was not a sports enthusiast she was always supportive towards her husband and her son.

Virginia Garcia was present at Flushing Meadows and witness her son Alcaraz receiving his first major trophy at the US Open and Virginia has always been there for his son Alcaraz to become a mature tennis player at a very young age.

Carlos Alcaraz’s Parents, Virginia Garfia (Carlos Alcaraz’s Mother) (image credit_ sportskeeda)

Carlos Alcaraz has a great mother-son relationship with Virginia and she has encouraged him to remain disciplined toward his commitments and handle success at a young age and all the challenges that come with becoming successful at a young age. Alcaraz has been extremely professional so far and all the credit goes to his mother and her upbringing.

Behind Every Champion, there are parents who worked as hard as them and Carlos Alcaraz’s Parental Guidance and Sacrifices have been a great help to him to be the greatest of all.

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