Cardi B Embraces Indoor Family Time: Declares, 'I Hate Taking Them Out
Cardi B Embraces Indoor Family Time Declares, 'I Hate Taking Them Out

Famous American rapper Cardi B Embraces Indoor Family Time: She reveals to Extra that she doesn’t like to take her kids out, She said, ‘I Hate Taking Them Out

In an interview with Extra Mom cardi talked about her family and kids, she says she loves spending time with her kids and love to wake up and take her daughter to school.

Cardi B kids

Cardi said, “Just spending time with them is the best thing ever, My favorite day is when I can wake up and take my daughter to school. I take my little nap. Wake up at noon, spend time with my son, get Kulture back home, and chill.”

Mom reveals she plays with her kids at home and prefers to stay Indoors with Her Kids.

“What I hate is taking them out, “But you have to take ’em out ’cause kids now, they’ll go crazy.”

Cardi B prepared School Lunch for Daughter, Kulture

A few days back Cardi B unleashed an Epic School Lunch for Daughter, Kulture. Fans are speechless on social media after seeing the school lunches which was prepared by her.

On Tuesday, The mother of Kulture shared some photos of the homemade food and gave a glimpse of what Kulture eats on a regular day.

Cardi B also wrote a caption, “Kulture school lunch be everything,” with a red apple.

In the three photos shared, the dishes include macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, broccoli, fresh fruit, cereal, veggie crisps, a breakfast drink, and water.

In the second photo, the dishes include pasta, meat, small corn, Jell-O, cheese sticks, crackers, fresh fruit, cereal, Yoo-hoo, a Go-Go Squeez, and a Kool-Aid Jammers.

From these photos, we can say that Cardi B is giving a well-balanced diet to Kulture at home and school.

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